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2016 – 2017 Chalice Circles Sign-Ups Coming Soon
The fifth cycle of VUU’s small group ministry program, Chalice Circles, will begin in October of 2016 and will run until May, 2017.  These twice monthly gatherings of 6 to 10 people feature deep listening and allow for quiet reflection on vital issues of faith and life. Sessions are guided by trained facilitators, last 90 minutes, and are most often held in members’ homes. Once a month, the Chalice Circle topic will coordinate with the monthly Touchstone Theme used throughout VUU. Service projects for our congregation and for the larger community are also components of Chalice Circles. Meaningful connection with others and grounding in our shared values result from the deep listening and thoughtful sharing. Please consider participating in this dynamic program.

Chalice Circle Service 1

What is a Chalice Circle? A Chalice Circle is a group of six to ten people who meet for spiritual reflection and to practice deep listening.

What are Chalice Circle sessions like? Meetings include a chalice lighting, a check-in, an opening reading, deep sharing and deep listening around the reading, a closing reading and a check-out.

How long does each meeting last? About 90 minutes. Sometimes less, but never more.

Where do we meet? Each group will decide its own meeting spot. Ideally the meetings would be hosted in group members’ homes, rotating through the homes of members who are willing to host. It is possible that some groups would decide to meet at the Valley Unitarian Universalist Congregation campus.

How often will my Chalice Circle meet? Twice per month.

Chalice Circle Planning

Do I need to be there every time? Yes. Barring emergency, you are asked to make Chalice Circles a priority in your schedule. This makes the experience more enriching both for you and the other members of your circle.

When do we start? After you sign up for a Circle, your facilitator will contact you with the first meeting date and initial location.  The first meeting typically is scheduled the third or fourth week of October.

Is there food? Snacks are discouraged. We do have water available at all meetings. If your medical condition requires eating during a meeting you are, of course, encouraged to do so.

Chalice Circle Service 2

Did I hear something about a service project? Yes! Each group is asked to put together two service projects, one to benefit the congregation and one to benefit the wider community.

Is there an end date for Chalice Circles?Chalice Circles run through the beginning of May. Each group concludes with a ending session. In the Fall, you will be invited to sign up for a new cycle of Chalice Circles.

How can I find out more? Sign-up sheets will be available at the back of the sanctuary beginning September 11, 2016.  If you would like more information or would like to sign-up via email, you can email directly to chalicecircles@vuu.org.