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High School (9th – 12th grades) –  Young Religious Unitarian Universalists – YRUU

1st Sunday of each month – YRUU planning & Coffee House during class. Youth discuss outings, events, attending district Cons and camps.
All high school aged youth are invited to join us for mUUvie night, 1st Sundays 5 – 9 pm. Popcorn, pizza, and sodas are available. Youth are asked to donate what ever they feel the evening is worth to them. Rated “R” movies only shown with permission.

YRUU is a social group for 9th-12th graders; they are a part of a continental organization of Unitarian Universalist teens, enabling youth to make connections with other UU teens within our church community and at regional and national gatherings. YRUU focuses on youth empowerment and community strength through learning, social action, worship, and trusting relationships with adult members of the church community.

Middle School (6th – 8th grades) –  Middle school Unitarian Universalist Group – MUUGs

Families plan and coordinate activities. Join us for our planning meeting – date to be determined.

Family with elementary aged children –  weeUU’s