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When? 10:30 A.M. each Sunday unless noted

Where? VUU Sanctuary @ 6400 W. Del Rio St. Chandler, AZ 85226

Who? Rev. Andy Burnette and/or Rev. Kellie Walker-Hart

How long? About one hour and fifteen minutes.

All are welcome here.

Hearing assist-devices available and large screens to aide in reading the Order of Service and hymns.

First time attending?

We’re an active and growing congregation and invite you to join us. We’ll be around to meet you before and after the service or you’re welcome to get in touch with us in advance.

Past Sermons

Check out our sermons on YouTube or our audio podcast to get a taste of our varied styles of worship.

Future Sermons

February Theme: Respect
February 5 – From Contract to Covenant: Respecting Core Unitarian Universalist Theology – The Reverend Dr. Andy Burnette
February 12 – Request for Respect — What does it mean? – Led by Rosalind Hawkins
February 19 – Respecting the Human Heart and Mind: The Rise of Religious Freedom in Transylvania, and its Lessons for Today – The Reverend Dr. Andy Burnette
February 26 – Reservoirs of Respect and Pluralism: A Word in Favor of Institutions, Religious and Otherwise – The Reverend Dr. Andy Burnette