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2020 Stewardship Campaign Pledges

As a concrete expression of my/our faith in   VUU, and my/our commitment to continuing what VUU already has and to the shared vision of building a Faith Oasis – I/we commit to make pledges for oUUr future.

Please email Sue Ringler, Office Administrator, office@vuu.org with your pledge for the campaign. In the email please state:

  • Which Campaign you are pledging to: **Capital Campaign or **Operational Campaign
  • The amount you are pledging and how often: weekly, monthly, annually or another way
  • Your name: first and last
  • Your phone number

**If you are pledging to both campaigns, please indicate the amount for each one as well as how often: weekly, monthly, annually or another way.

If you have any questions please contact Linda Horton, Chair of the Stewardship Campaigns: lindahorto@cs.com or call Sun Ringler at the office: (480) 899-4249.