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Monthly Board Meeting – Zoom

Love is our Doctrine. Service is our prayer. Justice is our calling.

Monthly Board Meeting – Zoom

November 24, 2020

Monthly Board Meeting – Zoom

  1. Meeting was called to order 4:35 pm
  • Present at the zoom online meeting
    • LB – Libby Bean
    • DG – Debi Grande
    • KG – Kevin Guhman
    • DM – DeeAnne McClenahan
    • LS – Linda Stenholm
    • PS – Pamela Swan
    • MWF – Mary Wolf-Francis
    • FW – Minister Fred Wooden

Members of the Stewardship Committee joined at 5:30pm: Sue Keen (Chair), David Shea, Linda Horton, Debbe Simpkins                                    

  • Mindful Opening
  • The following folks will receive ‘thank you’ cards for attending the Highway Clean-up headed up by Pam Swan: Ann Sebren, Kat and Dick Karpinen, Barbara Sorauf, Linda Stenholm
  • The Consent Agenda was approved as follows:
    • Motion to accept was made by DG, seconded by MWF, passed 5-0 (DG was temporarily disconnected from her zoom connection )
      • Minutes from Board Retreat (Sept. 16) and from the BoT meetings (Sept. 24 and Oct. 22) and the Minister’s Report were approved.
      • The Finance Report was deferred and will be voted on during the following week by email.                      
  • Stewardship for 2021 operating pledge drive update –
    • The Stewardship Committee (SC) is being chaired by Sue Keen.  The SC voted unanimously to ask the Board to consider changing VUU’s pledge year to synch with the fiscal year (i.e., from its present dates of January 1-December 31 to July 1 – June 30. Some of the reasons discussed were the need “to eliminate the confusion, especially among newer members, between the pledging period and fiscal year. The change would also make it easier to achieve a more realistic budget without resorting to budgets a and b or skinny. It would also make it less stressful for congregants to pledge in the middle of the calendar year, rather than during the hustle, bustle, and stress of the holidays. And this year, especially, with the uncertainties of a new covid surge and its economic impact while vaccines seem imminent in spring”. Counter arguments included that a calendar year is a more familiar time for households to budget for pledges and donations and for long-standing members and we should be cautious about “adding willing change on top of so many unplanned and difficult changes already underway.  The only problem [this appears to solve might be] the lateness of our stewardship planning.”
      • Member funding has been shrinking this last month or so and Post-COVID, we may want to reconsider an additional effort to request ongoing pledges.
      • No one offered to make a motion to consider changing the pledge year.
  • Book Study, Finalization of Board Goals 2020-21, and a Policy Committee Update were postponed until 12/1/20, when the Board will meet again at 5:30, if possible, or at 4:30, depending on time constraints. We should have the prologue and 1st chapter of Susan Beaumont book read. 
  • The Next Congregational Conversation will be on 12/6.
  • Adjourned at 5:57pm.

Respectfully submitted by Linda Stenholm, 11/22/20