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Debi Grande

Love is our Doctrine. Service is our prayer. Justice is our calling.

My family and I joined VUU in 2004 after our two boys were born. I’ve enjoyed many volunteer activities at VUU: leading the WeeUUs for a year, helping with Caring & Concerns in my zip code, helping the Faith Formation classrooms. When my boys entered middle school, I ran MUUGs for four years, including taking the group (both kids and adults) on a two night camping and rafting trip. Since then, I have worked on a couple of FUUNd Together Auction Donations events and participated in a Chalice Circle. I am currently on the Capital Planning Committee which is planning our new sanctuary. I love being involved at VUU.

I was born and raised in Minneapolis, MN. My family was Catholic and I attended mass regularly until college. In 1990 I decided made the bold solo move from Minnesota to Arizona to find a good job. I accepted a job with Maricopa County and bought a house in Phoenix. I also had an interest in investing so I started up my own stock club for women, and led it for a decade. In 1995, I attended and graduated from University of Phoenix with a Masters in Business Administration. Searching for a new career, I accepted a temporary position at Intel where I met my future husband, David Grande. We married in 1998. Recently, I decided to be an entrepeneur and am currently establishing my own company called Debi’s Boutique.