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Jessica Nierad Board SecretaryI was raised in Phoenix, by way of California and Washington, DC. I returned to Arizona in 2006 to live in Tempe where I currently work as part of the Development Team at Child Crisis Arizona.

I was raised Lutheran and even graduated from California Lutheran University. I first heard about Unitarian Universalism as an aside in conversation with two professors. That aside made a lasting impression with me and nine years later when searching for a new home church for myself and family, UU was first on my Google list. After attending services for a few months, I joined VUU in 2012. Later, Bill and I brought in our two daughters, Natalie (7) and Dorothy (3), who participate in VUU’s child dedication ceremony.

Since joining VUU, I has participated in teaching RE, serving as a mentor in the Coming of Age program, attending the Spirit of Life discussion group, and keeping potential new members happy by arranging food for the Journey to Membership Sessions. I am still excited about being part of the board as we, the congregation, are moving forward with our future vision. As a member of the board, I want to assist in making progress towards this future. Ultimately, I look forward to continuing the journey of being part of the Unitarian Universalist community, to understanding VUU’s role in our larger community, and working to ensure that others feel the same.