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Linda Stenholm

Love is our Doctrine. Service is our prayer. Justice is our calling.

My parents brought me up first as a Methodist and then a Christian Scientist. Later, the matriarch in my family, my sister, became a devout fundamentalist Christian and I learned that the need to believe in “the rightly divided Word” was not a concept that worked for me… at all.

When I moved to Arizona from Chicago in 1996, I started attending a Methodist church around the corner from my home (St. Matthew United Methodist Church). I put a lot of effort into learning about that community and its teachings. I was a Social Action Coordinator with the United Methodist Women and a member of the Conference Board of Church and Society, where the more progressive leadership worked to educate ourselves and others about social justice issues across the Valley, the state, the country, and the world. I also taught all different ages of students in Sunday School there and, more pertinent to my specific interest in being on the VUU Board, I was a member for many years and Chair of the Board of Trustees for several years at St. Matthew. I learned a lot about the budgets and the numerous committees involved in all things St. Matthew.

One of the things I enjoyed the most about being on the Board of Trustees was the opportunity to be directly and immediately involved in maintaining the church campus facilities. I plan to be of service at VUU in support of special projects and anything else needed.

I am active on VUU’s Environmental Action Team, including the VUU Garden committee, Food for Life and the Planet, and Citizen’s Climate Lobby and encourage others to join me in attending the Dali Lama and Friends group online Sunday mornings, the Sunday VUU worship services, and UU Justice Arizona (UUJAZ) meetings. I am deeply interested in prison reform, racial justice work, immigration rights, education reform in Arizona, and LGBTQ+ and Reproductive Rights.