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My childhood church-going never quite made sense to me, so I abandoned it and any interest in religion at the ripe old age of 17. I committed myself pretty single-mindedly to a career I still find endlessly challenging and worthwhile. My sister seemed to think my life might be richer if I took a look at Unitarian Universalism. I dutifully made a computer sticky note and went on about my business. Eleven years later, in 2001, 39 years after leaving the church of my childhood, I worked up the courage to attend a service at VUU and was immediately at home. I found a place where making sense mattered, but was not all that mattered.

I joined the choir before completing the new member class. For me, singing in the choir is way too rewarding to count as service. In return for the stimulation, companionship, comfort, and occasional discomfort that VUU gives me, my contribution has been mostly financial. As an art educator at ASU, I’ve always enjoyed doing service and was reluctant to commit to more. Last year, despite my disinclination to accept its service obligations, I joined a chalice circle, and discovered that service can be pretty satisfying. Now, I have a chance to experience service in a whole new way on the board. Thank you for your trust.