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I think I have been a UU since I was in first grade, when I asked the nun in my Catholic catechism class why I would go to hell if I opened any Christmas presents before I went to church. Formally, though, I have been a UU both here and in Charlotte, NC since 2012. My participation has included playing piano and organ, designing some 40 costumes for a follies show and restoring two dozen costumes for a Christmas pageant, catering breakfast and dinner for a regional choir festival, a baked potato bar, a mashed potato bar, and several other events, painting the current VUU sanctuary, and assisting with I Help. I was also one of the facilitators for the very first offering of Chalice Circles. I currently serve as the accompanist for a community chorus, secretary of a stained glass community, and a consumer investigator at a local television station.

To relax, I sew, knit, crochet, and dabble in woodwork and home renovation. I can’t wait to see and be part of the exciting, creative ways VUU will continue to impact the social, environmental, and spiritual venues in which we all live.