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Love is our Doctrine. Service is our prayer. Justice is our calling.

VUU’s 2020 Recognition Sunday Honoree has been announced!

The Special Funds Committee is pleased to announce the 2020 Recognition Sunday Honoree of 2020.  Mary Logan Rothschild has been a member of VUU since 1985 and has had a significant impact on VUU congregational life since the day she arrived.  No one can tell her story better than Mary herself!  She provided her motivating…
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Oct 2020 Touchstones Journal

October 2020 Touchstones Journal-Emotional-Intelligence

2019 – 2020 VUU Annual Report

VUU Annual Report

June 7, 2020 VUU Annual Meeting

Here is the video of the meeting.

Candidates for VUU Leadership Positions

Biographies of YOUR candidates!