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Author: Carl Anderson

Love is our Doctrine. Service is our prayer. Justice is our calling.

Ministerial Search Timeline Explained

N0W — March 31 Waiting Period According to UUA guidelines, no UU search committee may make an offer to a minister to become their Candidate for Settled Minister until March 31 at noon EDT. March 31 VUU Ministerial Search Committee (MSC) will make an offer to our preferred candidate to become VUU’s Candidate for Settled…
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MSC January Update

Greetings to the VUU Family,January was a busy month for the committee. Our preparations for candidate interviews completed in December, we waited for the UUA to open up the formal candidating process by letting candidates and congregations “see” each other in the beginning of the month. At that point candidates had a window to select…
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Search Update

Ministerial Search Update:  The Search Committee held 21 Cottage Meetings over the past couple months. Thank you to all who took time to share feedback in these sessions and to learn more about our process in search for a new settled minister. We met with many groups that have been regularly meeting for many years – mostly over Zoom. It…
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VUU’s Ministerial Search Committee Invites YOU to an Important Workshop and Sunday Service BEYOND CATEGORICAL THINKING “Will the new minister hear me? Will my concerns and needs be met? Will theminister understand what I’m living with? How will the community respond to our minister?” In answering these questions, a picture of the “ideal minister” (categorized…
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Search Committee Update

Hello everyone! The Ministerial Search Committee (MSC) is in full swing and ahead of schedule. We have set up a web page on the VUU website as a portal for you to stay in touch with our progress, understand our process, ask questions and share ideas and thoughts. Although the committee consists of 7 elected…
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