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SAVE THE DATE for August 11th and our quarterly Congregational Conversation as we continue to plan and strive towards our vision AND for September 29th when our Congregation Campaign Kicks-Off!


Present Day – As we continue this journey together, we remain mindful of how an improved and more beautiful space can make a powerful difference in our ability to pursue our own spiritual paths and to share VUU’s message of love, service, and justice with a wider, more diverse audience. Thank you for joining us on May 19th during our quarterly Congregational Conversation and then again on June 2nd for our Annual Congregational Meeting where we continued to plan our collective future. PDF from June’s Annual Congregational Meeting slideshow presentation.

April 2019 – Stewarding began for the Quiet Phase (Leadership Gifts). If you are considering making a leadership gift of $10,000 or more, we need to hear from you! Now is the time to make your pledge. Please email Linda Horton at LindaHorto@cs.com or call the VUU Office at 480-899-4249.

March 2019 – Supporting our collective vision, the Capital Campaign Committee (CCC) continued to explore additional funding mechanisms and completed the training for the first group of stewards.

Feb 2019 – The Capital Planning Committee (CPC) worked with the architect (pro bono) and developed options based on various levels of funding. These options were presented at a special congregational meeting on February 10, 2019 where option 3A.1 (architecture rending pdf) was voted on and it passed unanimously. If you would like more information about building a Faith Oasis for OUUR Future, meet with one of the CPC representatives almost every Sunday outside. You can’t miss them, they are standing next to the architect’s rendering.

Jan. 2019 – The Capital Campaign Financial Feasibility Study was completed, and the results indicated that we should be able to raise enough money within our membership to take steps towards improving VUU’s campus in ways that will truly support our mission and programs. The Feasibility Study  is available here: http://www.vuu.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Financial-Feasibility-Report-VUU-Dec-2018.pdf

Dec. 2018 – During the Feasibility Study (FS), a sampling of members and friends were contacted for private meetings to discuss their hopes for the project, which helped Kay prepare her recommendations for our capital campaign.

Nov. 2018 – A congregational conversation held on November 18, 2018 included a presentation by Kay Crider from SFU to give us her first impressions, thoughts, and recommendations, and take questions from members and friends.  She followed up with the Board and the Committee to finalize plans for the Feasibility Study (FS).

Nov. 2018Stewardship for Us (SFU) to perform a Next Steps Weekend (Nov 16-18)

Oct. 2018 – The Capital Campaign Committee hired Stewardship for Us (SFU) to perform a Next Steps Weekend (Nov 16-18), to be followed by a feasibility study (in December), to determine our readiness for beginning a capital campaign.

Oct. 2018 – The Capital Campaign Committee (CCC) and the The Capital Planning Committee (CPC) was formed.

June 2018 – A unanimous vote of the membership at our June 3, 2018 Annual Meeting approved the start of a capital campaign for campus improvements.

June 2018 – Architect Wendell Burnette presented the results of the five-month data collection process, and recommendations for campus site improvements during the Annual June meeting.  Members present agreed that the congregation’s growth and ability to meet our longer term goals are dependent on having more and improved worship, faith formation, and parking space. 

March 2018 – Visioning workshops were held with the architect.

Jan. – June 2018 – Architect Wendell Burnette (Wendell Burnette Architects), was hired by the congregation for consulting services.

The Capital Campaign Committee (CCC) is responsible for hiring campaign consultant(s), planning a financial campaign, two-way communication with the congregation relative to campaign goals and requests, communication with lender(s) regarding the borrowing of construction and/or permanent loan funds, communication with the Board and the CPC regarding project planning timeline.  

Mary Wolf-Francis (chair) – marywolffrancis@gmail.com

Members are: Barbara Metz, David Sheh, Debbe Simpkins, Jodi Freeman, Chris Sars, Carl Anderson,  Linda Horton (liaison to the Stewardship Team/annual Operating Pledge), and Musette Steger (Board of Trustee Rep/liaison to the Board).

The Capital Planning Committee (CPC) is responsible for hiring the architect and construction company(ies), working with the City of Chandler, two-way communication with the congregation relative to construction design and timeline, making construction/finish decisions, communication with the Board and the CCC regarding project financing/timeline.

Barb Quijada (co-chair) – bflemingq@gmail.com

Jim Horton (co-chair) – jhorton2739@gmail.com

Members are Beverly McCormick, Nancy Egly, Willa Cree, Justin Grigory, Mark Beehler, Debra Grande, Kasey Smith, Jeff Grout, Rick Hinrichs, Anne Schneider, and Maria Dixon (Board of Trustees Rep/liaison to the Board).