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2019-20 Faith Formation calendar

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Sept 8, 2018 – May 19, 2020: Sunday morning faith formation classes for Preschool, Kindergarten & 1st Grade, 2nd & 3rd Grades, 4th & 5th Grades, Middle School, and High School

Dates to note:

  • Sept. 1 – Water fun day. Children and youth wear swimsuits & sunscreen, bring a towel, start in the education complex.
  • Sept. 8 – First Sunday of classes
  • Sept. 29 – Multi-generational worship (nursery will be open) & ice cream social!!
  • Oct. 13 – Elementary game day, start in education complex (MS & HS have class)
  • Nov. 24 – Christmas pageant rehearsals begin, start in education complex. Home Coming all congregation potluck lunch (& inflatable slide)
  • Dec. 15 – Christmas pageant, multi-generational worship (no classes)
  • Dec. 22 & 29 – All age game days, start in the education complex
  • March 13-15 – Service trip to Agua Prieta, Mexico (12 yrs and older, see VUU website for information)

Register for 2019-2020 Sunday morning faith formation classes, use this link

Preschool, room 4 – Chalice Children

The Preschool class is for 3, 4 and 5 year olds who are toilet comfortable – they can be escorted to the bathroom. and will take care of their needs on their own.


Kindergarten & 1st Grade, room 3 – Rainbow Seekers

Lessons assist the children in building friendships, learning UU rituals, and discovering the Unitarian Universalist principles.

2nd & 3rd Grade, room 7 – Special Times

This curriculum acquaints the youth with Jewish and Christian heritages from which our Unitarian Universalist faith has grown. We will engage in celebrations of holidays and other “special times”

4th & 5th Grades, room 8 – Toolbox of Faith

We will use tools such as magnifying glasses and hammers, to symbolize aspects of our Unitarian Universalist faith, such as integrity, courage and love, to strengthen and build our own faith.

Middle School class, room 2 – Bibleodeon

An experiential program introducing young Unitarian Universalists to stories of the Hebrew and Christian Bibles.

Social GroupMiddle school Unitarian Universalist Group – MUUGs, a social group for 6th-8th graders, plan monthly family oriented events.  Past activities include picnics, camping, horseback riding, ice skating, a day at a water park, snow tubing/skiing, and white water rafting.

High School Class, room 5 – Uncovering Bible stories

A discussion based curriculum that includes humor and intersubjective understanding to challenge youth in finding meaning and guidance (possibly!) in stories found in both the Hebrew and Christian Bibles.

Social groupYoung Religious Unitarian Universalists – YRUU is a social group for 9th-12th graders, they are a part of a continental organization of Unitarian Universalist teens, enabling youth to make connections with other UU teens within our church community and at regional and national gatherings. YRUU focuses on youth empowerment and community strength through learning, social action, worship, and trusting relationships with adult members of the church community.

All children/youth need to be registered every year, use this link