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Our Whole Lives, Human Sexuality classes 

At Valley Unitarian Universalist congregation, we are proud to offer all seven classes in the series on a rotational basis.  However, we are only able to offer the class once for each age group. Next time the classes will be offered is listed next to each level. TBD based on the physical re-opening of Valley Unitarian Universalist’s campus.

  • Kindergarten / gr.1 (spring 2022) Parents participate in class with their children.
  • Gr. 5-6 (TBD)  optional companion Parents’ Group.
  • Gr. 8-9 (fall 2021) optional companion Parents’ Group.
  • Gr. 10-11 (fall 2021)
  • Young Adults (ages 18-35) (TBD)
  • Adults (TBD)
  • Older Adults (50 yrs +) (TBD)


Our Whole Lives (OWL) is a series of sexuality education classes that were developed by the Unitarian Universalist Association and the United Church of Christ that models and teaches caring, compassion, respect and justice.  In an inclusive and developmentally appropriate manner, the Our Whole Lives program addresses sensitive topics and supports open communication within families.  It is a comprehensive curriculum, where every question is welcome.  The program recognizes and respects the diversity of our participants.

Teachers from 2016 5th & 6th grade classes





Teachers – All instructors have passed background checks and are certified by the UUA. Certification categories: child classes – K/gr1 and gr. 5-6; Youth classes- gr. 8-9 and 10-11, adult classes – young adult, adult, and older adult.

    • Lorraine Doman-Sheydayi  VUU OWL Coordinator, Child and Youth
    • Chris Sar  Child and Youth
    • Janet Nash  Child and Youth
    • Molly McNamara  Child, Youth and Adult, and Youth Teacher-Trainer
    • Ken St. John:Child and Youth
    • Karen Hindhede  Child and Youth
    • Sherrill Prideaux  Youth
    • Claudette Wassil  Child and Youth
    • Joel Sannes  Child and Youth
    • Carl Anderson  Child and Youth
    • Peter Schweitzer  Youth and Adult

For more information contact Marci Beaudoin, Director of Faith Formation ministry, Faithform@vuu.org480-899-4249