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Unitarian Universalist Association

As we begin a new season, our liturgical calendar also begins anew. September’s themes are expectation, work, and covenant.

A recent news story (bit.ly/2yGykYV) marveled people around the world. This “zombie tree stump” was heralded as an unnatural phenomenon. But it isn’t unnatural - many tree species operate as “super organisms,” what we once thought as an individual is actually connected by a complex root system to others of its kind. What is unnatural is our perception to see individuals where we should see a community of trees, working together to support one another.

I want my Unitarian Universalism to be like a grove of trees. Where pain comes with the expectation of aid from others. Where a statement of vulnerability from one is met with the strength of dozens.

Where there is no question of what we share with each other, because we are one another. - Zipporah Legarde, Outreach & Public Witness
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