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Hundreds of LGBTQ+ folx of faith and spirit signed a blessing approaching the United Methodist Conference Special Session on human sexuality.

The blessing reads:

Bless all those who love.

Bless all of us queer and lesbian and gay and trans and bi and nonbinary and beyond who lead in the path of spirit whether we are wanted or not, whether we are fearful or brave, whether we are out or not.

Our family has always been called to spiritual leadership and we serve in many ways.

As healers and song leaders, committee chairs and ordained clergy, counselors and prophets.

We preside over communion tables and Shabbat services, at bedsides and weddings and direct actions. We are at births and deaths, leading choirs and capital campaigns. We are everyday people in the pews ready to offer and receive food for our spirits.

May every LGBTQ+ person who doubts that they deserve a spiritual community find a home of spirit and celebration.

May every LGBTQ+ spiritual leader who guides their people with love and skill in the face of homophobia, transphobia, biphobia, know their worth and brilliance.

May every LGBTQ+ leader who withstands the pain and harm of congregations, institutions, and denominations find healing, love and power.

Bless all those who are self-avowed, practicing lovers of justice and liberation.
Bless all those who love.
Thank you to all who signed! You can read the full list of signees here: bit.ly/2STPT4e

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