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September 13, 2020 Sunday Service

The chat transcript during this service:

01:26:27 Rebekah Kendrick-Thomas: Hello from Minnesota. Up here seeing my eye surgeon.
01:26:46 Rebekah Kendrick-Thomas: and me is Rebekah
01:32:07 Jody and Rhoda: The screen showed ASU as the leave space, is it from there or VUU?
01:34:35 DeeAnne McClenahan (she/her): ASU, not VUU
01:36:24 Barbara face: marci, great job on that video! thank you
01:37:39 Jody and Rhoda: Thank you DeeAnne,
01:38:47 Fred Wooden: Henri Matisse’s son Paul was our neighbor years ago, and his son Alexander was a preschoolmate of our oldest. We parents all secretly hoped to snatch one of Alexander’s scribbles. You never know, right?
01:39:42 Mary Rothschild: Amazing! The Cut Out Tower in the East
01:40:56 Mary Rothschild: East Wing of the National Gallery in DC, which was built for Matisse’s large Cut Outs is one of my favorite rooms in the world.
01:46:28 Denise: Beautiful, Barbara. Thank you.
01:48:37 Mary Rothschild: Barbara, your welcome was lovely! Thanks!
01:49:02 Daniel: Our lay pastoral care team continues to be available for anyone needing support. I am the team member designated for the week. please feel free to contact me by phone (489-332-7981) or send me an email (dlschulte@msn.com) if you would like to connect.
01:50:22 Angie: Good music, Katie. Thank you!
01:50:40 Johnnie May: My heart goes out to all those in California and the Pacific Northwest who have been affected by the horrendous wildfires and deadly smoke in those states.
01:50:44 Daniel: sorry- I mistyped my number- it’s 480-332-7981
01:53:57 Carlin Knight: I echo Johnnie and would add Colorado to the list of states burning up. My sister and brother in law have been evacuated twice because of the horrible Cameron Peak fire. An even bigger one, the Pine Gulch fire, is largely burning in Forest Service areas north of Grand Junction. We have had many days of smoke-filled skies from our fires as well as those in Utah and California.
01:55:10 Katie Seiferth: Thank you Barbara. What a powerful prayer and a beautiful message.
01:58:20 Janet Cantley: Sending thoughts and prayers to my niece in Phoenix, oregon who has been evacuated and she and her three teenage sons are temporarily living with the in-laws in Ashland.
02:06:09 Irene Vitullo: From Irene Vitullo – Thank you, Barbara, for those 2 Bach pieces that you had recorded and then played for us this morning. Beautiful music beautifully played. Such a gift.
02:10:35 Amanda Schneider: Think we need to wait a little longer to close the poll…?
02:11:59 Janan Brooks: I agree
02:13:15 Rhoda McDuffie: The light to dark glass ornaments are hard to see in the pictures
02:14:46 Mary Rothschild: This makes me long to be in the Sanctuary! I miss seeing you all, but also being in our building.
02:19:26 Rhoda McDuffie: Copper is also the main export of Arizona
02:19:35 Rhoda McDuffie: it’s one of the “C’s” of Arizona
02:21:56 Anne: INSTALLATION the artwork, for me, is about nature / the outdoors… its color, smell, ambience… the place I most like to be (anne)
02:22:12 Janet Nash & Ken St. John: The installation is about the free and independent search for truth and meaning…the many windows
02:22:14 Noell Hyman: The Stole is about texture, and the gradient of color we see in the wild beauty of the Sonoran Desert.
02:22:14 Eileen Garces: This chalice expresses a feeling of being uplifted p,
02:22:16 Shari and Jerry: Chalice: Jerry gets a feeling of tension that the chalice is placed precariously placed.
02:22:19 DeeAnne McClenahan (she/her): THE STOLE expresses our connection to the earth, and especially our desert home.
02:22:27 Amanda Schneider: This INSTALLATION expresses a feeling of community and hope.
02:22:28 Barbara Quijada: Frank and I think The INSTALLATION is about the diversity of religions that come together in UUism.
02:22:33 Bill Elliott: The Stole expresses a feeling of our connection to nature and the natural world.
02:22:35 jenni: installation expresses a feeling of continuity
02:22:37 David S: STOLE: it is about service to a community in the desert
02:22:37 VUU: INSTALLATION — Is seems to be about unity.
02:22:38 Julie Voller: STOLE is a feeling of calm, serenity, space
02:22:43 Genevieve L.: The STOLE expresses a feeling of peace.
02:22:47 Judith Harper: The installation is about both openness and structure to me.
02:22:51 uujsmith@aol.com: Installation feeling of community
02:22:52 Libby Bean & Jim Bennett: The STOLE when I look at it gives me a feeling of beauty, harmony and remembrance of Andy and Arizona – Libby Bean
02:22:53 Rhoda McDuffie: The STOLE expresses a feeling of walking in the beautiful desert, finding meaning in the appearance of an empty space… everyone thinks that there is no life in the desert but there is SO much life, we just have to look and pay attention
02:22:53 Randall: The Installation about the stole is about the desert in all of its majestic beauty and how awe inspiring it is. It shows that all is right with the world
02:22:58 Janet Nash & Ken St. John: The stole expresses a feeling of serenity and growth in difficult times.
02:22:59 Kat Karpinen: The stole expresses a feeling of nature, peacefulness and openess
02:23:00 Janet Cantley: ALL THREE are about the warmth of community and the fire of commitfment for service.
02:23:01 Carlin Knight: This installation is about one light many windows as Janice described. For me it expresses a feeling of calm, peacefulness, subtle beauty. I love it!
02:23:07 Sandy Whitley: The installation expresses a feeling of being different but yet united.
02:23:08 Shari and Jerry: Installation: Shari feels boredom.
02:23:11 Katie Seiferth: The installation expresses a feeling of connection and the beauty of diversity within unity.
02:23:12 R Riggs: STOLE – vast interconnectednes
02:23:13 Bernie (androgyne:he): The Chalice represents universal consciousness.
02:23:16 Rick Hinrichs: The INSTALLATION makes me think of Betty Nering.
02:23:17 Mary Rothschild: The installation is about UU principles and the notion of “many windows: one light.” It also reflects the desert: the colors, the different times the colors change in the day in the desert and the flame of UUism is at the center.
02:23:17 Escobar Family: INSTALLATION – Community. CHALICE – Earth. STOLE – harmony
02:23:20 Angie: INSTALLATiON shows feeling of Harmony
02:23:20 Karen Stucke: The stole expresses the complexity of nature. The desert, easily dismissed by many is really an amazing place, worthy of close examination, listening and learning.
02:23:25 Beverly McCormick: Installation About togetherness, we may approach things differently but w are one.
02:23:25 Renee Spears: chalice a cup that hold peace, love, forgiveness, etc.
02:23:26 Johnnie May: The stole is about our natural landscape here in the Sonoran desert. It expresses warmth, optimism and interconnectedness.
02:23:27 Wendy & Randy Galbraith: All three, but INSTALLATION has all colors in nature.
02:23:30 Irene Vitullo: From Irene Vitullo: In the stole I see magnificent artistry and skill with a sewing machine. What creativity. And where is that stole? With Andy, I presume.
02:23:34 Michael Anderson: unity
02:23:43 Shari and Jerry: Installation: Jerry feels a restriction, limitation from it.
02:23:43 Margaret: The Chalice is about the spiritual appreciation of and importance of the live flame. The Chalice expresses a feeling of reverence and awe!
02:23:48 Lorrie: The Stole is about movement and life. It expresses a feeling of exploration and curiosity.
02:23:50 Noell Hyman: The STOLE makes me feel connected to our home, and to each other as a part of our desert home.
02:23:53 Denny Drake & Bonnie: Stole is about…nature. 7th principle
02:23:54 Joyce Donahue: The stole expresses the beauty of our desert home.
02:23:59 Allison Robinson: The CHALICE is a symbol of hope.
02:23:59 Mary Wolf-Francis: unity
02:24:07 Perii Skolnick: installation is symbolic of diversity, inclusion and moving toward the light (enlightenment)
02:24:10 David S: Installlation and
Sole represent harmony, the Chalice suggests strength
02:24:12 Judith Harper: The stole makes me think about how important it is to be connected to place–to know where we are, where we come from–to care about those places deeply and spiritually.
02:24:13 Rick Hinrichs: The CHALICE makes me think of Russ Lobrutto.
02:24:15 Angie: STOLE expresses Arizona
02:24:23 uujsmith@aol.com: loved the idea that the installation, the chalice and the pulpit reflect many windows one light.
02:24:28 Margaret: Not curiosity! That’s supposed to be AWE!
02:24:34 Karen Stucke: The sanctuary installation brings me peace and reflection. It leaves space for my mind to wander.
02:24:57 Shari and Jerry: Stole: Shari feels a sense of appreciation and wonder at the intricacies. Jerry feels pulled into the scene.
02:24:57 Michael Anderson: harmony, balance, unity for all three
02:24:57 Melanie: The STOLE suggests closeness with the natural world and our Sonoran Desert.
02:25:15 Linda Stenholm: The STOLE expresses a feeling of beauty, natural truth, richness, wide open spaces.
02:25:15 Randall: Installation is interconnectedness
02:25:17 Garry Klepser: Seven Principles
02:25:28 Libby Bean & Jim Bennett: Each object (art installation, copper chalice, stole) is composed of repeated framings of experiential views of objective reality (the flame). -Jim Bennett
02:25:40 Cloonan-Schulte Family: The panel makes remarkable use of the window behind as a complementary light source
02:26:09 Mikaela Young: The STOLE is about the beauty and diversity of life in our desert climate.
02:26:11 constancerudd: Installattion is Expansion of humanity
02:28:16 Amanda Schneider: I SO needed this message today Mary. Thank you!!
02:28:22 Linda Stenholm: WOW, Mary! What an experience this was! Thanks SO much!!
02:28:31 Perii Skolnick: amazing service! thank you so much Mary.
02:28:55 Kat Karpinen: What was the pope Francis quote called
02:29:04 Denise: Thank you so much, Mary. Really great sermon.
02:29:04 Randall: Thanks so much for such a thoughtful service, Mary!
02:29:06 Carlin Knight: Beautiful Mary (you and your message)! Thank you
02:29:09 Judith Harper: Thank you so much, Mary. I feel so enriched by what you prepared for us and led us through:)
02:29:13 Mary Rothschild: Wonderful service, Mary and Barbara! Such a unique take on our principles. Thank you for the care you have taken in this service! xo
02:29:21 Anne: whoa! what a great service. one of the things I like so much about vuu services (when we are together) is the participatory nature of the service itself… participatory… inclusive, sort of informal and active! you figured out how to do that on a zoom meeting! Great.. I loved it.. thanks, Anne
02:30:27 VUU: Discussion for the breakout groups: Share a time when seeing something through someone else’s eyes transformed your experience.
02:30:49 DeeAnne McClenahan (she/her): NOTE 3PM Black Lives Matter caravan TODAY, meets at ASU lot west of Chompies
02:30:49 R Riggs: Mary – That was wonderful. Thank you so much!
02:30:51 Linda Stenholm: Thanks, Barbara, DeeAnne, Mary, Marci, All of the Tech crew!
02:31:02 VUU: Discussion for the breakout groups: Share a time when seeing something through someone else’s eyes transformed your experience.
02:31:13 Randall: Barbara: Thank you for your beautiful music!
02:31:21 Perii Skolnick: Beautiful service, Barbara