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My Grateful Heart

Rev. Kellie will be giving the sermon, and there will be lots of congregational singing. She loves singer-songwriter Peter Mayer’s image and song about a Japanese Bowl. In Japan bowls are not thrown out when they become cracked and broken, but are filled with gold so that they become stronger and more beautiful. To her, this is the essence of gratitude.

Rev. Kellie Walker Hart

How Much Is Enough?

On this date, the Phoenix-Area UU ministers are swapping pulpits, each preaching on the theme of gratitude. Rev. Sims writes, “There is a battle within each of us, I believe, between greed and gratitude, between wanting more and being satisfied with what we already have. Contentment may be a sign that reveals gratitude; it can also reveal something not as laudable. Is there a spiritual balance between thankfulness for what is and dissatisfaction with what is not?

Rev. Terry Sims