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Search Committee Update

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Search Committee Update

Hello everyone!

The Ministerial Search Committee (MSC) is in full swing and ahead of schedule. We have set up a web page on the VUU website as a portal for you to stay in touch with our progress, understand our process, ask questions and share ideas and thoughts.

Although the committee consists of 7 elected members, the whole congregation has a responsibility to help choose our next minister. Members truly “Own the pulpit”. Your part will be to participate in one or all of the opportunities to contribute to the process. These will include our upcoming Survey and Cottage Meetings, sending us questions and ideas, taking the time to hear our eventual candidate at a Sunday service, and most importantly voting on whether or not to accept the candidate.

Between now and that vote is a well thought out process developed by the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) which includes a consultant that will help the committee understand timetables and how to make sure we choose the candidate who is the best fit for who we are now, and who we aspire to be. Reverend Fred, our interim minister, is also helping with this process as he takes us through a journey of understanding Where We have Been, Where We Are Now, and Where We Are Going.

Please make a choice to actively participate in the process and share what is important to you for yourself and this community. Contact us through the Ministerial Search Committee website or email at search@vuu.org.