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VUU Choirs

Love is our Doctrine. Service is our prayer. Justice is our calling.

We have three adult choirs, a children’s choir and an ensemble you can join! 

VUU Voices Choir

Join The VUU Voices Choir who rehearse Wednesdays in the Sanctuary from 6-7:30 pm from September to May with additional opportunities in the summer. You’ll sing for Sunday services about twice a
month, in addition to special events and sing mostly 4-part music in a variety of styles. You do not need to audition nor read sheet music. We simply ask that you love to sing and can commit to attending the rehearsals and performances. 

1-Hour Family Choir

Join The 1-Hour Family Choir who rehearse the first Sunday of the month, in the Sanctuary from 9-10 am and perform for the service at 10:30. You’ll have the flexibility to sing when you can, singing harmonies that touch on all genres of music. No auditions are necessary, but a love of singing is.  All ages are welcome – join with your whole family! 

Children’s Choir

Bring your kids to join The Children’s Choir who rehearse at the same time as the 1-Hour Family Choir, the first Sunday of the month, in the flex room in the Sanctuary, from 9-10 am and perform in the service at 10:30 before they leave to attend their classes. The 1-Hour Family Choir and Children’s Choir will often collaborate on songs allowing opportunities for the whole family to sing together and provide opportunities to do songs separately as well.

Join Voices Lifted Singers [LINK to Voices Lifted Page] who rehearse twice a month on campus after Sunday services. Voices Lifted Singers is a vocal ensemble that travel to sing at nursing homes and senior centers, singing at bedside for VUU members who are unwell and for those in hospice care. No auditions are necessary, but a love and heart for singing at bedside and hospice are. 

Join The Vocal Ensemble who meet to rehearse in the Sanctuary on the Sunday mornings they lead music, about 1 – 2 times a month. Rehearsal is from 9-10 am and you’ll often sing with the band. You’ll need to be comfortable singing in a mic, have a strong sense of harmonizing, can learn music quickly either by reading sheet music or by ear and can sing on pitch. 

Pandemic Video Choirs

To stop the spread of COVID-19 our musical groups met online and worked to create videos to share with our community when it wasn’t safe to sing in-person. Check out some of our music!