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Committee Policies

Love is our Doctrine. Service is our prayer. Justice is our calling.

The operation of Valley UU Congregation is governed by policies for each organizational entity from the Board down to the various committees. Each committee also has processes that govern their major activities and job descriptions that describe each role in the organizational unit.

This site is the official repository of the VUU policies and processes, etc. Send all new documents to the webmaster (webmaster@vuu.org) for inclusion on this site. To update, download the official document from this site, update, review, and obtain approval by the appropriate entity before returning it to the webmaster. The office administrator shall ensure that the above procedure is followed or the document will be returned to the sender.

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Elected Committees

Special Funds Committee

Leadership Development Committee

Board Committees

Finance Committee

Policy Committee

Stewardship Committee

Denominational Affairs Committee

Crisis Management and Conflict Resolution Committee

Facilities Committee

Personnel Committee

All Other Committees


  • Communication related policies have been temporarily removed for revisions

Caring Neighbors Committee

Memorial Garden

  • Memorial Garden Policy (Contact the Office Administrator 480-899-4249)
  • Memorial Garden Fees Application (Contact the Office Administrator 480-899-4249)
  • Memorial Garden Authorization for Inhumation (Contact the Office Administrator 480-899-4249)