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Love is our Doctrine. Service is our prayer. Justice is our calling.

The Lay Pastoral Care Program is a ministerial program to provide a confidential, caring presence and support to congregants undergoing stressful life challenges.

Carl Anderson

Melissa Bush

Janet Cantley

Joyce Donahue

Lisa Bonine
Daniel Schulte
JoAnne Smith
Carlin Knight
Claudette Wassil
Nancy Woomer
Michael Woomer

 Lay Pastoral Care Associates (LPCA) are members of the congregation whose work reflects our UU principles in our obligation to support each other in times of need. In this, the LPCA’s work is an extension of the Minister’s own pastoral care presence, providing a listening ear and helping the minister stay informed of needs in the congregation. While LPCA’s have a specific role, as a group they also work closely with the other groups within the congregation (such as Caring Neighbors Committee and Voices Lifted) as we strive to be the caring and supportive community we want to be.

 In addition to supporting individuals in the congregation, we also provide support through periodic workshops or classes, as part of the VUU Faith Formation program, with focus on issues consistent with our role and congregational community needs.

LPCA‘s are appointed by the minister, and undergo both initial and on-going training. We meet monthly to discuss concerns or questions that might arise from congregant contacts, and plan programming we may offer to the community. Our meetings allow us to engage in our congregational responsibility as help-seekers as well, as we provide support for each other as LPCA  members. When time allows, we share readings that relate to LPCA topics.

We are available through the website (vuu.org/joys-concerns), email pastoralcare@vuu.org, and in-person after the Sunday service (when services are fully in operation). Every week the rotating pastoral care associate is announced during worship service.