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When? 10:30A.M. each Sunday unless noted.

Where? VUU Sanctuary @ 6400 W. Del Rio St. Chandler, AZ 85226

Who? Rev. Dr. Andy Burnette and/or Rev. Kellie Walker-Hart

How long? Services are about one hour.

What else? Faith Formation classes for youth during the Service.

All are welcome here.

Hearing assist-devices available and large screens to aide in reading the Order of Service and hymns.

First time attending?

We’re an active and growing congregation and invite you to join us.

Schedule: 10:30 am worship in sanctuary *

Faith Formation classes for all ages:

  • Newborn – 5 yrs old – room 6, Unstructured Play with Reba. Available 8:30 am – 12:30 pm
  • *Elementary aged children-leave the service after the Time For All Ages, meet teachers on the patio, walk to room 3. Learning the UU Principles from Avatar, The Last Airbender. 
  • 6th grade and older – You the Creator of Justice, start in classroom 2  at 10:30 am

We’ll be around to meet you before and after the service or you’re welcome to get in touch with us in advance.

Past Sermons
Check out our sermons on YouTube or our audio podcast via our RSS feed or iTunes to get a taste of our varied styles of worship.

Future Sermons

June Theme is Transcendence

June 2 Lessons from Margaret Fuller’s Transcendental Feminism  Rev. Dr. Andy Burnette

The Adult Choir will perform.                                   

June 9 Something Else: Is There Anything Beyond the Individual?    Rev. Dr. Andy Burnette

June 16 Self Reliance Adapted: Emerson’s Transcendentalism in 2019    Rev. Dr. Andy Burnette

June 23 Hiking as Worship: Nature and Transcendence  Rev. Dr. Andy Burnette

The Worship Band will perform.

June 30 Connections and Transcendence with Anne Schneider & Rebecca Riggs