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Board Committees

Love is our Doctrine. Service is our prayer. Justice is our calling.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is chartered by and reports to the Board of Trustees. Its purpose is to assure that the board is adequately informed about the overall financial condition of VUU including trends that may impact the financial health of the congregation and compliance with financial requirements of non-profits and religious organizations.  Email the Finance Committee.

Additional information is in the:

 Finance Committee Charter (2015). 

Also see:

Finance Committee Volunteer Position (Updated 2019)

Financial Controls / Money Handling Policy – pdf (docx) (Updated 2022)

Budget Process – pdf  (Updated 2020)

VUU Accounts Policy – pdf  (Updated 2022)

VUU Check Signers and Controls – pdf  (Updated 2015)

Policy Committee

Policy Committee Charter (2018)

Email the Policy Committee.

Facilities-Buildings and Grounds Committee

The Facilities Committee reports to the Board of Trustees and is made up of 5 to 7 members. The committee plays a supporting role to employees for maintaining the buildings and grounds. They organize volunteer campus cleanups, make suggestions to the administrator and maintenance technician for needed work, and frequently get their hands dirty fixing, organizing, and cleaning. 

Facilities Committee Charter – pdf docx (Updated 2024)

Email the Facilities Committee.  

Denominational Affairs Committee

Denominational Affairs Committee Charter – pdf (docx) (Updated 2024)

BoT approved 8-24-2023

Email the Denominational Affairs Committee.

Personnel Committee

Personnel Policies & Procedures (2022)

Email the Personnel Committee. 

Stewardship Committee

Email the Stewardship Committee.

Conflict Management and Conflict Resolution Committee

—ad hoc and appointed as needed.

Conflict Management and Conflict Resolution Committee Responsibilities (2015)

Conflict Management and Conflict Resolution Policy (2016)

Email the Conflict Management and Conflict Resolution Committee