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Meet the Leadership Development Committee: 

Love is our Doctrine. Service is our prayer. Justice is our calling.

Daniel Schulte – Co-Chair    

Daniel has been a member of VUU since 2005, and part of the VUU Leadership Development Committee since 2021.  He has been active in a number of other roles in the congregation over the years, and is currently also a VUU Lay Pastoral Care Associate.  Dan is married to fellow VUU member Melanie Cloonan-Schulte, and their household includes 2 children, a small dog and an even smaller hedgehog.   

Professionally he works as a counseling psychologist, is part time faculty at a graduate counselor training program, and is involved in a number of professional and volunteer organizations.

Rosaland Hawkins – Co-Chair    

For many years, I felt that there was no place for me in organized religion and I was fully comfortable in visiting many churches, but never joined.  “Religion” was much too divisive.  That changed when I became involved in VUU over 15 years ago. My husband, John Myers, had attended VUU as a “friend” of the congregation since the late 1990’s and when we married in 2004, I started to come to services with him periodically.  By 2007, when I moved to Phoenix from Prescott, we were attending together every Sunday.  Shortly after Rev. Andy Burnett was installed as our settled minister, he recruited me to join the Worship Associate Team where I served until earlier this year.  I have been privileged to serve as a Lay Pastoral Care Associate for several years.  Currently I am an elected member of the Leadership Development Committee and I am a member of the newly formed Committee on Shared Ministries (CSM).

I have a Bachelor of Science in Communication.  Professionally, I worked in banking for over 18 years then spent the last 12 years of my career in Human Resources and Training.  As much as possible, I have shared my education and experience in this congregation.  It has been a gift to be a part of this liberal faith and I am fully committed to the tenets of Unitarian Universalism.  

Mary Rothchild —

Mary Logan Rothschild has been appointed to complete a term on the Leadership Development Committee.  She has been a member of VUU since 1986 and has volunteered in many areas of the congregation.  During her first ten years she mostly worked in Religious Education from leading the nursery school to MUUGs to being a YRUU adviser.  For the next several years, she was involved in congregational governance as a member of the Board, and then held the positions of Vice President and President, when we voted on them as a congregation.  She also joined the choir.  Following that, she has been mostly involved in working on worship, primarily as a Worship Associate, but also as a service leader.  In that role she introduced VUU to the Standing on the Side of Love campaign, organizing our first congregational participation in the Phoenix Pride Parade, and she helped establish UUJZZ statewide,.  She has been elected to the last two ministerial search committees and co-chaired the “2001 Space Committee” that after three years found the building we now call home.  She has also been involved in various food activities—receptions, potlucks, dinners, and general revelry.

Because of her volunteer work over the years, she hopes to be useful to the LDC in finding people who want to continue to help VUU grow, be a home of deep worship, and work for social justice.

Teri Nintzel —

Teri McGovern-Nintzel has been a member of VUU since 2016. She was dedicated in a Missouri UU church when she was 2 years old and grew up in Faith United Methodist Church in N. Phoenix. She is the mother of William Bigelow, a teen in the Faith Formation program, and is married to Doug Nintzel, also a member of VUU. Teri is a vagal toning teacher and empathy circle facilitator with a background in yoga instruction, physical therapy, traditional Chinese medicine, English literature, anthropology, compassionate communication & creative writing. Teri is passionate about sharing practices that help people stay connected to themselves and each other in a state of compassion.

Joel Sannes —

Joel has been a member of VUU for over 20 years. He has been a member of the congregation’s Board of Trustees, including a term as President, He has been on the finance committee and served three terms on the congregation’s endowment fund committee. He is especially proud of being an OWL facilitator for more than 10 years. His three children, all adults now, were raised in VUU’s lifespan religious education programs, including OWL and Coming of Age. Joel’s wife, Melisa, is also a member of VUU.

Amanda Schneider—

Amanda has been a member of VUU since 2011, which is also the year she discovered Unitarian Universalism. She has served on the worship team as a Worship Associate since 2022. Amanda is married to VUU member, Paul Schneider, who is also active in various roles in the congregation. Outside of VUU, Amanda is an Executive Director for Amplify Voices. While she loves this work, her most loved “work” is raising three boys. She is a dedicated “Soccer Mama” as well as lover of three rescue pittie mixes. 

David Sheh—

David has been a UU for 24 years and a member of VUU for 21 years.  He has served as Personnel chair, head usher, and a total of 6 years on the Board: 3 as president, 1 as secretary.  He has participated in 9 Stewardship drives (including the last Capital Campaign drive).  He was elected 2 terms (4 years) on the Leadership Development Committee (2014 – 18) and again in 2022.  And served 3 terms as Pacific Southwest District (PSWD) Secretary.  He joined Finance in 2008 and was chosen Finance Chair in 2016, a position that he currently still holds.  David enjoys all the VUU activities he can attend, which is more limited these days as he spends time at his cabin in Pine.  He has been exceptionally fortunate to be part of this VUU community that has given him an opportunity to learn, grow, and to be relevant in the larger world.  Their day job was software engineer, from which he retired in September of 2022.