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Special Funds Committee

Love is our Doctrine. Service is our prayer. Justice is our calling.

The VUU Special Funds Committee is elected by the congregation and is responsible for managing the VUU endowment fund and any other gifts or funds except those specifically earmarked by the donor for the operating account or for other programs.  The fund is currently about $500,000 plus one condominium that the committee received recently and will be selling.  The five-member committee is governed by a charter approved by the congregation. 

The committee charter and the VUU by laws specify four main purposes: 

  • First, it shall promote, by publicity and solicitation, the donation of special contributions to the Congregation, including endowments, memorials, gifts, and insurance benefits.
  • Second, it shall keep orderly records of all special funds for reference by the membership.
  • Third, it shall prudently invest such funds so as to encourage their growth and security in a fiscally and socially responsible manner.
  • Fourth, it shall make the special funds available (subject to the limitations described herein) when needed by the Congregation. Funds established by the Congregation’s annual budget shall not be included in the funds administered by the Committee.

The Committee policies currently provide for it to allocate some funds (usually 4% of the value of the fund at the end of the last fiscal year). The committee solicits applications from members and staff, reviews the proposals, designates the allocation, and monitors the expenditure of these funds.  Funds have been allocated to provide partial support for the annual youth “trip to Boston” to visit the UUA headquarters and historical UU sites,  or their “trip to Mexico” where they engage with others to help build houses.  Funds also have been given for technological upgrades, to start a community garden, for music equipment, and other special projects.   The committee is authorized to give loans, but only if they can be repaid. 

In 2019, the committee divested from all investments, including pooled investments, that fund fossil fuel,  

Distributions and loans may be made for major capital improvements or repairs to the buildings and grounds, or to debt reduction of the Valley UU Congregation and other purposes that enable members of VUU to “grow in faith and service to Unitarian Universalism.”   Donations can be made on the VUU web site under “Give”.

For more information, contact Joel Sannes joelsannes@gmail.com

Endowment Fund

The Endowment Fund consists of two accounts, the Bunny Clarke Leadership Fund and the Endowment Fund.  The Bunny Clarke Account has been established and maintained through generous contributions from Bob Clarke.  The earnings from this account funds leadership training for members of the congregation.

The Endowment Account is the principal vehicle which our congregation uses to ensure its financial stability and guarantee that the mission of this congregation will continue for generations to come.

The Endowment Fund is held by the congregation with restrictions placed on distributions, separate from the operating budget, capital reserve or other funds; principal has never been spent.  To make a donation to the Endowment Fund one can make a bequest (name the congregation in your will or trust), establish a charitable remainder trust, make direct gifts (securities, stocks, mutual funds, insurance policies, annuities, etc.), or make a gift to the Endowment Fund in memory of someone.