6400 W Del Rio St, Chandler, AZ 85226
(480) 899-4249

Our Journey, Our History

Love is our Doctrine. Service is our prayer. Justice is our calling.

Valley Unitarian Universalist Congregation traces its beginnings to 1963 when a small group of UUs who were attending the Unitarian Universalist Church of Phoenix met in a pizza parlor in Tempe (now, the Vine) and decided to start a UU presence in the east valley.  

From its first service Sept 6, 1963 when 59 people signed the membership book, VUU has grown into a 300-member congregation known throughout the Valley for its Sunday morning services, music programs, faith formation for children and adults, and its social justice activism.  

Services begin at 10:30 and are available in person at 6400 W. Del Rio Street and on line at http://www.vuu.org   VUU has ample opportunities for involvement through its social programs and committees. 

VUU Time-Line

1963-5 Plan for VUU at the Village Inn Pizza Parlor,Tempe

1964-5 Ray Manker/UUCP “mentored” us.

1965  Lester Mondale, Interim (Int.) Minister 

VUU Charter in-process 

1966 VUU Charter granted              

1967-70 River Road location

1970-76 Jesse Roberson, Extension (Ext.) then Senior (Sr.) Minister

1976-78 Jeremy Brigham, Sr. Minister

1979-84 Arthur Hover, Sr. Minister

1984 VUU Fellowship, lay-led services

1984-5 Warner Road location

1986-94 Scotty Meek, Ext. Minister

1994-5 Jim Norman, Ext. then Sr. Minister

1995-2000  Lex Crain, Int. Minister

2000-1 James Ford,  Sr. Minister

2001-04 Linda Bunyard, Int. Minister

2004-10 Lone Jensen, Sr. Minister       
2004-present Del Rio location

2010 Karla Brocke, Intern Minister

2010-11 Gary Gallun, Interim Minister

2011-12 Earl Holt, Interim Minister

2011-19 Kellie Walker, Minister of Music

2012-2020 Andy Burnette, Sr. Minister

2020-22 Fred Wooden Int. Minister

2022-present Sarah Oglesby-Dunegan, Sr. Minister

 2023 VUU Slideshow

2022-3 VUU Annual Report