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VUU Behavioral Covenant

As members and friends of this congregation with a common purpose to nurture each other in our religious community, we hereby covenant:

  • To welcome everyone who comes to VUU on an honest and responsible spiritual quest or search for community
  • To accept and respect the differences among us
  • To listen actively and respectfully
  • To trust in the inherent good faith of each other
  • To create an atmosphere where all of us feel safe
  • To practice forgiving each other and ourselves
  • To focus our discussions on topics, ideas, and issues rather than on people
  • To speak directly to those with whom we disagree and work toward resolution
  • To speak out with loving kindness when we witness inappropriate behavior or disrespectful interactions
  • To be respectful of our staff’s time and commitments as professionals
  • To take responsibility for our behavior, hold ourselves accountable, and keep the commitments we make
  • To practice replacing “they” with “we” to begin the phrase “…ought to do something”
  • To trust the process, accepting and supporting our democratic decisions while acknowledging that we may not always agree
  • To remember that building our beloved community requires active participation