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In the Meantime,

Love is our Doctrine. Service is our prayer. Justice is our calling.

In the Meantime,

Remember that ‘move the cheese’ thing from last week?  Well, I am about to move it again. But first, some context. 

The staff meets weekly and often our conversation is about priorities.  Who does what, what comes first, and so forth.  The demands of a community are almost as many as there are members of the community.  VUU is among the kindest when it comes to this, and I salute you for that.  Still, there are more things to do than we can do in a week, so we make choices. 

One reason for this – just one of several – is because staff is limited.  Two places, in my estimate, will need more staffing in the future – music and tech support. Let me tell you why.

Our Music Director is 3/4 time right now.  That is lower than before.  VUU prizes its music ministry.  It is a key to your spiritual life and identity.  Restoring its full capacity will be both welcome and invigorating.  But until that time, we have to reckon the reality that she works only 30 hours a week for a ministry that has been and deserves to be full-time.  Part of my job is to remind you of that and to remind her as well. One of the rules of church life is that part-time staff are often de facto full-time staff because they want to do more and those they serve want to do more.  But it is wrong to ask more from her or to allow her to do more.  That makes me the “Dr. No” of VUU, a role I do not cherish but accept.  

In terms of tech support, we have a very committed and competent team of volunteers who have heroically stepped in during the pandemic to make virtual church possible.  But volunteers cannot be asked to be there every week, or to submit to supervision, which in the long run is essential to maintaining consistency and quality.  That’s why I decided to enlarge the 2 hour a week position to 10 hours, with the hope that this position will grow over time.  One thing I know for sure about our post pandemic world – it will be both actual and virtual.  You need a Tech staffer who can assure that happens for worship but also for Faith Formation and more.  

Is this about money?  Yes, but also no.  First it must be a commitment of vision.  This spring I will be inviting you to take part in reviewing and renewing your vision as a community.  First this will involve your active leaders, but on April 25th it will involve all of you as we take the worship hour to engage you in a process based on “Appreciative Inquiry” to elicit your values and vision for the future.  Please save that date to be in worship.  Your presence then will have a direct and lasting impact on where you are going and who will help you get there.  –  FW –