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Desert Notes

Love is our Doctrine. Service is our prayer. Justice is our calling.

Desert Notes


On November 13, I preached from what I learned from the book Change: How to Make Big Things Happen by David Centola.  I would love to invite some of you to read it, too.  If there’s enough people interested, I’ll set up a couple of discussion group sessions for it.  Email me! minister@vuu.org

On November 20, in addition to our Thanksgiving cornbread communion, I shared this homily with the theme of our Stewardship team’s work this year, which is to make this place your home!  I wanted to share the script of my homily and an invitation to participate in the stewardship campaign by making a pledge towards next year’s budget.  It references poems by Antonio Machado and Joy Harjo and a column from David Brooks.

I spent much of last week in a training with Valley Interfaith Project learning about organizing through the IAF model.  I learned a lot and I hope to share more about this experience as we continue to work with VIP.

We’ll take a little break from the normal Happenings routine this week.  I’ll be off next Sunday but Rosaland Hawkins and her son Jamal promise a wonderful service in my place and I hope you’ll gather to share time with them on Nov 27.  On December 4, we’ll move into the theme of wonder and what it means to cultivate a sense of wonder and reverence.  Enjoy time with family and friends and some time off if you have it.  
The table the kids set from items found in the sanctuary.
Please fill out the Christmas Eve service survey soon!
My schedule: I will be off from Wed-Sunday at the end of November.  
If you are interested in setting up a time to meet with me, or you’d like me to join a meeting or small group event already scheduled for VUU members,  please fill out this form. I can also be reached at minister@vuu.org.NOTE: If you receive a phishing message from an account very similar to my email address (but slightly different!) please report it and remember that I will never email you requesting gift cards or cash.  

Rev. Sarah Oglesby-Dunegan