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Desert Notes

Love is our Doctrine. Service is our prayer. Justice is our calling.

Desert Notes


Happy New Year! 

January Schedule:  Camp VUU! 

While our Sanctuary building is under renovation, we invite you to spend some time on “the other side of campus” with us.  We’ll continue to have multi-platform services, with a focus on gathering together to share the service and some time together in small group activities.  Because we will not have the same tech equipment available, this will be different from what you’ve gotten used to.  We’ll make it work!  (And we’re still working on these details!)  We do need some volunteers that can help us welcome people in this different space and help us manage having adults and kids together.  If you are interested, please contact Rev. Sarah minister@vuu.org and/or Marci Beaudoin DFF Faithform@vuu.org 

The theme for January is “Finding Our Center”
January 8th
This service will be an interactive Multigenerational service in Rooms 1-2, with some of our activities outdoors. We’ll use this side of campus to engage contemplative practices using our memorial garden, vegetable garden and labyrinth.  A short multi-platform service will be followed by online discussion and in-person engagements. Drum Circle and donut sales following service!  No kids faith formation classes will be held this Sunday.

More information on January 15, 22, and 29 Sunday Services TBA!  All of these services will be offered in-person from the Education side of campus AND online, with some additional activities on campus designed for small group interactions. Faith Formation classes for children and youth will resume Jan 15th.

If you can host a watch party for a small group that can then engage in some discussions and activities together, message Rev. Sarah at minister@vuu.org.  

In gratitude, Reverend Sarah