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In the Meantime,

Love is our Doctrine. Service is our prayer. Justice is our calling.

In the Meantime,

Wendy started basic training last week. She had her first of 16 infusions over 20 weeks, which will be followed by 3 weeks of radiation. Tough regimen, and because the chemo makes your hair fall out I gave her a buzz cut today to make that transition less dramatic. Of course, getting a buzz cut is among the rituals of basic training in the armed services. I also gave her a set of camo style pajamas to complete the picture. GI Jane she is not, but the personal and physical challenge is just as real, so why not treat it like basic training right down to the haircut. We are going to use this lens to shape the events ahead and make sense of them if we can.

Sometimes it helps to look at a challenging time through a different lens. Northup Frye theorized that there were essentially only four stories – tragedy, comedy, satire and romance. Right or wrong, we all tend to make events into stories, and which story you choose can influence how you understand events and your place in them. Cancer treatment sounds like a tragedy, but that is a choice. Many a cancer veteran (see how I used that word there?) has seen the satire in it I am sure. They know as much of the origin of SNAFU as any military vet.  

It is harder to see the comedy of it, but it can be a romance. Now romance is not just love stories. Romance includes tales of derring-do and genuine adventure. Tolkien’s Ring was a romance, as were the Harry Potter books, and so were the Indiana Jones movies. Dangers are faced, wounds are borne, discouragement lurks, and the end is not certain. When one gets to the end, though, there is a sense of accomplishment, even if survival is the only reward.  

What story are you living, is VUU living? Is America living? Which one describes you, us, the nation, most often? Knowing that means knowing how you, we, the nation, sees themselves and the world.  

A reminder about our services this month. As Omicron is ramping up in Maricopa County, I am shrinking the available seating from 70 to 35. We will also insist on social distancing inside in addition to being immunized and masked.  As physical attendance has been about 30 this will not be hard to do. But do attend in some form all month. Every Sunday from here to Easter will be worth your time, and then you will be ready for the candidate Sundays following Easter. This may be our basic training!    – FW