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In the Meantime,

Love is our Doctrine. Service is our prayer. Justice is our calling.

In the Meantime,

Happenings May 4, 2022 – from AZ

Boy am I proud of you!  You have got yourself a great new minister.  See ya!

No.  My work is not quite done.  My favorite Advent hymn starts with the verse that says, “… Make your house fair as you are able, trim the hearth and set the table.”  That is my job now, to make your house “fair as I am able” for the “advent” of your new spiritual leader.  

In all honesty, that has been my job from the outset.  Only now there is a very limited time left.  And so I am asking, “what can I do in the next eight weeks?”

I wrote a list:

  • Reach a decision on upgrading our AV equipment.  While we have gotten better and better, it is obvious to all that our needs exceed our abilities for the long haul.  You will be “hybrid” forever and you need to have the ability to do that reliably.  We have spent many weeks and had many conversations and I want you to be ready to move ahead by the time I leave.
  • Improve security for the building and our data.  Many folks use our sanctuary, and that means many people have access.  We have had several instances where doors were left unlocked.  There is no established emergency procedure in case of fire or assault.  Your database is accessible to many people and that too is risky.  You need a plan to protect your building your data and yourselves.  I want that to be underway by the time I leave
  • Clarify staff roles and responsibilities.  Robert Frost said, “good fences make good neighbors,” meaning we get along better when we know our limits and expectations.  VUU is different than it was two years ago.  Staff have had to adapt.  Recognizing that and making it explicit will make it easier for Rev. Sarah and you.  

Nothing at all exciting here, but such is what trimming the hearth and setting the table entails. Housekeeping matters, about which I will say more on Sunday May 8.  Speaking of mundanities, though, I am in AZ from May 4-16 and again from June 8-30.  In between I will be in MI for Wendy and to attend my grandson’s first birthday party on June 4.  I hope to see old friends in Tucson one more time and other friends in LA as well.  I am going to be rather busy!  –  FW