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In the Meantime,

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In the Meantime,

Happenings May 18, 2022 – From MI

I am back in MI for the next three weeks for three reasons, in order of importance 

1) Wendy is finishing her chemotherapy and  beginning her radiotherapy.
2) Our grandson turns one soon.
3) My yard needs a lot of attention

I feel especially fortunate about the first.  Wendy’s treatment has gone smoothly so far, insofar as cancer treatment ever does that is.  Two women married to colleagues were also diagnosed with cancer about the same time as Wendy and both have succumbed to it. 

The second is pure pleasure, as a grandchild recalls the years we spent rearing our children which was among the most rewarding times of our lives.  I remember almost daily Carl Sandburg’s observation that “a baby is God’s opinion that the world should go on.” When I am glum about the future, I think of my grandson and keep going.

The last is a spiritual practice in humility.  Thanks to Michigan weather and being in AZ much, the grass and garden are a riot.  Things are growing everywhere, especially where I would rather they not.  But I also know that the very idea that we humans can control nature even on a small scale is the height of arrogance.  For me, it is a constant negotiation, “If you will grow this here, I will not bother you there.” Sometimes nature agrees, sometimes not.  

Gratitude, pleasure, humility.  These sound like spiritual virtues and they are. They come to us daily, not just in church.  Church, whatever that means, is training for being spiritual everywhere else.  Think of it as a school for the spirit.  And though we never graduate from that school, do attend this week as our high school grads lead worship this Sunday.  You will feel gratitude, pleasure and humility in abundance.    – FW