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Ministerial Search Timeline Explained

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Ministerial Search Timeline Explained

N0W — March 31 Waiting Period According to UUA guidelines, no UU search committee may make an offer to a minister to become their Candidate for Settled Minister until March 31 at noon EDT.

March 31 VUU Ministerial Search Committee (MSC) will make an offer to our preferred candidate to become VUU’s Candidate for Settled Minister and to meet the Congregation during Candidating Week (April 23 – May 1).

April 3 If our offer is accepted, MSC is now able to announce to the VUU Congregation that we have a Candidate for Settled Minister. Once contract negotiations and background checks are complete, MSC can announce the name of our candidate.

April 23 — May 1 Candidating Week. Candidate meets the VUU Congregation in person and on zoom and preaches twice from the VUU pulpit (Sunday, April 24 and Sunday May 1).

May 1 Congregational Meeting and Vote. A vote of 90% in favor is required to call the candidate to be our next Settled Minister.

What To Do While We Wait?

Read the MSC documents on the MSC webpage.
Ask the MSC questions to clarify your understanding of the search process.
Think about how you’d like to meet the candidate:
In person with a group or committee? In person at an open reception? On zoom?
Talk to your groups and be ready to schedule your preferences
when contacted by the MSC.