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VUU Ministerial Search Committee Says Thank You

Love is our Doctrine. Service is our prayer. Justice is our calling.

VUU Ministerial Search Committee Says Thank You

The 2021-2022 VUU Ministerial Search Committee Wishes to Thank:

Rev. Fred Wooden for the wise counsel and patience you have shared with the Ministerial Search Committee during what has to have been one of the most challenging interim ministries ever!

Members of the VUU Congregation who

  • Completed the Congregational Survey
  • Attended the Beyond Categorical Thinking Workshop
  • Attended Cottage Meetings
  • Helped us answer Congregational Record questions
  • Attended Candidating Week meetings and receptions
  • Gifted the MSC with your trust, patience, and enthusiasm throughout the Ministerial Search Process and then voted so overwhelmingly to call our selected candidate!

Anne Schneider, Linda Horton, and Jamila and Damian Pulliam for your hard work helping get the VUU History “Our Story, Our Journey 1963-2021” up-to-date.  Now VUU has another milestone to add!!  And Izzy Hyman for creating the video look at the VUU campus that we needed to complete our documents packet. Next up:  An “after” video!

Mark Foote and Tricia Amato for the VUU.org website make-over.  And Mark for your continuing work with the MSC to create our Documents Packet and  keep our webpage updated as the search progressed. 

All the VUU Committee and Group Chairs and others who updated your webpages with pictures and information—you helped the MSC attract ministerial candidates’ attention. Keep it up—the VUU website VUU.org is often the first way visitors and future members find us!

Nick Carr for coordinating set up and take down of tables and chairs for Candidating Week receptions, the Faith Formation picnic, and the Pizza & Cake Party. It’s so good to be back working with you in person! Thanks also to set up crew members Ryan Sar, Frank Quijada, and Evan Anderson.

Mikaela Young for coordinating the facilities clean-up that made the VUU Campus look good during Pre-Candidating Weekend and Candidating  Week. And Anne Schneider for the use of your beautiful desert home during Pre-Candidating weekend.

EastVUU, especially Margaret Stewart, Linda Rand, Randall Casillas, Sharon Kopina, Perii Skolnik, and Joan Carver, for hosting the Welcome Reception kicking off Candidating Week. It was a truly welcoming and beautiful introduction to the VUU community for Rev. Sarah. 

Dianna Farmer, Linda Stenholm, and Frank Quijada for serving at the Dessert & Wine Reception. And to all who brought desserts to share—what a lovely evening on the VUU patio!

VUU Choir Members, especially Linda Horton, Anne Schneider, Denise McLeod, Joanne McGrath, Margaret Stewart, Lynn Demuth, Beverly McCormick, and Barbara Face for coordinating all the details for the Pizza and Cake Party after the Congregational Meeting’s successful vote to call Rev. Sarah to be our Settled Minister. 

The VUU Board of Trustees and the Leadership Development Committee for your support and hard work with the MSC and the Congregation on the long and winding road from selection of a search committee to coordinating the Vote to Call. 

DeAnne McClenahan and Pam Swan for representing the Congregation and the Board on the MSC Negotiating Team that put together a contract and benefits packet which helped make our search attractive to ministerial candidates.

The VUU Tech Team for your continued efforts to make VUU look good on Zoom, on YouTube, and in the Sanctuary, and for pulling off the first hybrid vote in VUU history.

VUU Administrator Todd Sirrine who upon joining the VUU Staff immediately lowered the anxiety level of the MSC with your calm and rapid responses to all our requests. 

Marci Beaudoin and Todd Sirrine for arranging all the Zoom links for Candidating Week. It worked—LOTS of members and friends got to meet Rev. Sarah from their living rooms, with their pets!

Marci Beaudoin and Katie Seiferth for working so smoothly with Rev. Sarah to coordinate the two inspiring Candidating Week Sunday Services. And the the VUU Band and VUU Choir whose live music made the services spectacular.

Last but not least, thanks, Rev. Sarah Oglesby-Dunegan, for choosing VUU to be your next shared ministry.  We can’t wait to get started!

With love and respect to you all,

Carl Anderson             Janice Miller 
Barb Quijada               Mary Rothschild
Chris Sar                      David Sheh       

P.S.  We’ve tried hard to remember and list everyone who helped.  If your name has been inadvertently left out, we apologize and we do THANK YOU!