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Desert Notes May 25, 2023

Love is our Doctrine. Service is our prayer. Justice is our calling.

Desert Notes May 25, 2023

This weekend’s luncheon welcomed 6 new participants at VUU and I was joined by a team of four VUU members in welcoming them.  It was wonderful to hear their questions and observations and to open some windows into the life of this congregation.  It was a busy weekend–I also joined the baby shower for one of the families we are accompanying and led a Tarot reading event that was one of my FUUnd offerings.

This week my youngest, Sol, graduates from 8th grade and begins preparing for High School.  Soon my oldest will be home from several months of traveling.  It’s a complicated time of year for a household that runs on a congregation program year and school year annual cycle.  Next week I will share more specific details of staff plans for the summer and how we will be preparing for the new program year.  

This is also a time of year when anxiety can run high–we are preparing a budget and for an annual meeting.  These last few years of COVID have been challenging in multiple ways.  Your board of trustees has been diligent in their work, as have your staff.  In addition, many people have stepped up to increase pledges or add funds through an additional donation to make sure we are prepared for this upcoming year, bringing in an additional $24,000+ to our capacity for next year.  Thank you for your support and contributions! We need members to come to the annual meeting and participate in voting on this budget as well as for our elected positions for the year.  Be part of the conversation and planning for our continued recovery and expanding future!

In gratitude, 

Rev. Sarah