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Janice Miller

Love is our Doctrine. Service is our prayer. Justice is our calling.

Ten years ago, I made one of the best decisions of my life: I became a member of VUU. I had found my people!  And some of the people who made me feel most welcomed are candidates for this ministerial search committee—which makes me feel excited and privileged to serve the congregation in this important mission.  

We have much work ahead to collectively clarify the vision and integrate the process of interim ministry with the search process. To that end, I believe my 3 years as President of the VUU Board of Trustees is helpful experience.  I also served on a number of VUU committees, including Special Funds, the Budget Committee, the Personnel Committee, the Publicity Committee and the Special Committee on Ministerial Compensation. I am currently most active as coordinator of the EastVUU group.  

My business background lends itself well to work on this committee. I had a 25-year corporate career and was previously the head of global Human Resources for the largest company headquartered in Phoenix. I have an MBA (Finance) from ASU. I currently coach senior executives and assist them in selecting top players who will fit the organization and its desired culture. 

I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity to learn, contribute and make a difference to the congregation and wider community. My skills are applicable to the following tasks of the ministerial search committee: Communications, Facilitating Cottage Meetings and Surveys, Establishing Search Criteria, Interviewing and Contract Negotiations.