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Sunday morning programming for children and youth

Love is our Doctrine. Service is our prayer. Justice is our calling.

We offer Sunday morning classes for children and youth most Sundays year round.

Classes are divided by school grades in order to offer age appropriate content to all participants.

Preschool-aged children: 3-5 year olds, children should be able to follow simple instructions and be toilet confident

Curriculum: Chalice Children – focuses on the importance of community while establishing Unitarian Universalist beliefs. Preschool age children will engage through games, crafts and other activities and develop an understanding of the Unitarian Universalist faith.    

Kindergarten & 1st graders

Curriculum: Rainbow Seekers – focuses on creating an environment where the children can feel safe and create friendships while learning about the importance of the 7 Unitarian Universalist principles. 

2nd & 3rd graders

Curriculum: Free to Believe – expands upon the Unitarian Universalist faith by connecting the principles, values, sources, and beliefs of Unitarian Universalism and seeks to help guide children through the “big” questions “How did we get here?, What does religion mean to me?, etc.”  

4th & 5th graders

Curriculum: Toolbox of Faith uses the analogy of a toolbox and tools to explain how youth can build and expand upon their faith. A multitude of crafts, games and other activities will help the children explore even further.  

6th – 8th graders

Curriculum: Questing Year centers on the themes of social action and faith development and their interconnection. Youth will experience a mixture of faith development rooted in Unitarian Universalism, their own ideals of faith, and participate in social action quests like raising money for UNICEF and supporting a cause of their choosing.

9th – 12th graders

Curriculum: Virtue Ethics is an ethical development program that is rooted in establishing critical thinking around virtues and ethics. Virtues include forgiveness, empathy, compassion, and more.