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Annual Meeting 2022 Notice and Agenda

Love is our Doctrine. Service is our prayer. Justice is our calling.

Annual Meeting 2022 Notice and Agenda

The VUU Board of Trustees is pleased to announce that the VUU Annual Meeting will be held in the Sanctuary and on Zoom on Sunday, June 12, after the service. The agenda for that meeting is shown below.  We also are pleased to announce the Agenda for the  Congregational Conversation which is scheduled in the Sanctuary and on-line on Sunday, June 5, after the service. The Agenda for that meeting is also shown below.


Tom Briggs
Secretary, VUU Board of Trustees

VUU Annual Meeting

June 12, 2022


1. Determination of quorum

2. Approval of minutes of 2021 Annual Meeting (vote)

3. Approval of minutes of “Call the Minister” meeting (vote)

3. President’s report

4. Minister’s report

5. Financial report/Adoption of the budget (vote)

6. Elections of BoT and LDC candidates (vote)

7. Unfinished business

8. New business

9. Election results

10. Adjournment

VUU Congregational Conversation

June 5, 2022


Opening/Chalice Lighting – Mary Rothschild?

Budget Overview – Ann Schneider

Candidate Presentations – Lee Laskowski

Environmental Action Team Update/Call to Action – Sandra Whitley