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Prospective Minister Information Site

Love is our Doctrine. Service is our prayer. Justice is our calling.


This site is for Prospective Ministers of VUU.

Thank you for considering VUU as your new Pastoral Home. This site is designed to provide quick access to all the relevant information about us.

Dear Future VUU Minister:

Thank you for considering Valley Unitarian Universalist Congregation as a possible home for your next ministry. We welcome the chance to get to know you! For the last several months we have been working hard with the congregation to communicate clearly the excitement, love, and enthusiasm we have for VUU.

While we realize that many other congregations have much to recommend them, we think we offer a unique chance for you, an enthusiastic, energetic minister, to develop a dynamic ministry with us — growing our faith and yours. We hope you will find the information here that will inspire you to join us in a vibrant shared ministry!

Our Search Packet consists of three parts: The Congregational Record accessed on the UUA’s ministry search website, this Documents Packet, and the VUU website vuu.org where you can explore all the great programs VUU has to offer. Throughout, we showcase our excellent Faith Formation Program supported by a tenured Faith Formation Director and strong teaching staff, the huge importance music plays in our congregation, and the large and diverse selection of social action and fellowship activities that demonstrate how VUU lives out our mission: Love Is Our Doctrine, Service Is Our Prayer, Justice Is Our Calling.

In 2019 we conducted a capital campaign to build a new sanctuary. $1.2M was pledged in this effort. We put the campaign on hold during the pandemic and are collecting funds again now to include refurbishment of our existing facility as well as possibilities for new construction. The Capital Planning Committee is actively overseeing this project.

Please notice that we have continued to fund our operations through the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and have sufficient funds to see ourselves through the 2024-25 fiscal year. This feat was successfully accomplished with the help of pandemic relief funding. With the right minister, we are ready to grow.

You will also learn that we have implemented a policy-centered governance and organizational structure. VUU has been actively engaged with Policy centered Governance over the last 15 years, with much learning and growth along the way. We see the value in this model for operating and growing a large congregation, and we have developed a hybrid model that meets our needs.

This is a congregation that has its house in order and is excited to see where we can grow with the right professional leadership. If you find yourself imagining the future we could create together, you are the minister we are looking for. With deep affection and excitement, we look forward to creating that future with you!

The VUU Search Committee:
Barbara Quijada
Janice Miller
David Sheh
Mary Rothschild
Adam Romney
Chris Sar
Carl Anderson