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Desert Notes January 4, 2024

Love is our Doctrine. Service is our prayer. Justice is our calling.

Desert Notes January 4, 2024

Ministerial Discretionary Fund: On Christmas Eve, I invited you to donate directly to our newly created ministerial discretionary fund, which provides a vessel for me to care for members of our community in need in various ways, while holding their struggles with compassion and dignity. Sometimes in our times of need we find ourselves knocking at doors that do not open and do not have the capacity to help. 

This fund is one way we make room for each other in times of need. I am grateful for the commitment of this congregation and its caring ministries that continue to nurture our shared needs and for your generosity which stretches us to imagine a world where all of us have what we need to live the lives we choose. You can make a donation to this by noting it on your check or through the drop down menu on our VUU Giving link

UUA Seeds for the New Year: As our next few Sundays won’t be normal services in the sanctuary, I am sharing this gift from the UUA of a service created for the new year. Watch when you need something inspiring! 

–Rev. Sarah